What is a Software repair?

What does it cost?

What do i do?

A software repair is a repair to a Computer or Laptop that is performed without the need to supply additional parts or software.

In some instances what at first appears to be caused by software problems can in fact be caused by hardware problems. Should this occur we would phone you immediately and discuss your options.

The standard charge for a software repair £30.00.

This is regardless of whether it takes us 2 hours or 2 days. When leaving a machine with us for a software repair you are agreeing to pay the fee of £30.00.

Can you give me some examples of software repairs?

Its simple! Bring the Laptop or Computer to the shop and get it booked in. We will take a number of details from you and allocate you a job number. We work on a First in First out basis to try and remain fair to all of our customers. As soon as the job is complete or if we have any queries we will phone you. If on the other hand you wish to phone us to get an update as to how a job is progressing you can phone us quoting the job number provided.

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