What is a hardware repair?

What does it cost for a Laptop repair?

What does it cost for a Desktop repair?

What do i do?

A hardware repair is a repair to a Computer or Laptop that is performed by replacing or repairing internal components.

This often involves opening up the Computer or Laptop and working on its internal components.

A typical charge for a board level hardware repair to a Laptop or a standard size laptop screen fitted would be £79.00. Most DC socket repairs and standard size hard disk replacements would also cost £79.00 which includes reinstalling or cloning your operating system.

There are however instances where a repair could be much less. Replacement of keyboards, batteries, wireless cards and optical drives will often work out much cheaper. The price of a repair is often governed by the what parts are needed and by whether the laptop needs completely striping down or not.

One of the most common faults we see with Computers is a faulty hard disk. Currently to replace a 500GB hard disk and reinstall or clone Windows the charge would be £75.00. To replace a standard PSU in a Computer the current charge would be £35.00.

As with Laptop repairs the price is often governed by the parts that are needed.

Its simple! Bring the Laptop or Computer to the shop and get it booked in. In most instances we will be able to give you some indication as to cost so you can decide if its acceptable before you leave the machine with us. We will take a number of details from you and allocate you a job number. We work on a First in First out basis to try and remain fair to all of our customers. As soon as the job is complete or if we have any queries we will phone you. If on the other hand you wish to phone us to get an update as to how a job is progressing you can phone us quoting the job number provided.

Can you give me some examples of Laptop repairs?

Can you give me some examples of Computer repairs?

Screen Replacement.

Hard Disk Replacement.

Hard Disk Replacement.

Motherboard Replacements and Memory.

DC Socket Repair and Replacement.

PSU Replacement.

Keyboard, Battery, Wireless Card Replacement.

Overheating. Cooling System Failure.

Replacement Plastics.

Wireless Card Replacement.

Damaged USB Ports and Audio Ports.

CPU Replacement.

Overheating. Cooling System Failure.

USB Port Replacement.

Board Level Repairs.

On Switch Replacement.

Replacement Motherboards and Memory.